Over the Fence
July 1999

The next AHCA meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 20, at 7:30 pm in the Career Center.  Agenda will include:

    All Arlington Heights residents are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Neighborhood Conservation Plan Update Needed
by Jim Gill

    The time has come to update our Neighborhood Conservation Plan. The current version was written in 1980, and it reflects the priorities and concerns of the neighbors who lived here then. In the intervening 19 years, we have met some of the objectives of the plan and failed to meet others. As we move forward, we should confirm that we still have the same priorities. The update begins with a resolution from the civic association. The next step will be a survey of what is important to the people who live in our neighborhood. We will form a committee to consolidate the results of the survey and draft a Conservation Plan update. The AHCA will approve the update and send it to the County’s Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC). The updated plan will be the basis for future NCAC sponsored neighborhood improvements.
    At its July 20 meeting, AHCA will be asked to approve the following motion:

"Moved that the Arlington Heights Civic Association should undertake the update of its 1980 Neighborhood Conservation Plan in order to reflect the current priorities of the people who live in the neighborhood."
Water  and Volunteers Needed

    Please Help...The County is now adding plants and flowers to the sites of our new neighborhood signs. During hot and dry weather, we need to be sure our new landscaping is watered regularly. Watering is needed at S. 7th and Glebe Rd., S. 2nd and Garfield Ave., and Arlington Blvd. and S. Irving St. If you live near one of these sites, please be a good neighbor and water when you can. Help is needed particularly at the Arlington Blvd. location -- a few family members and friends, along with a few watering cans, will go a long way! Additional watering will be necessary at the park at S. 9th and Irving St. (our fourth sign location) when the park renovation is completed. Thank You!

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