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Arlington Heights Civic Association Newsletter
April 2000

Please attend Arlington Heights Civic Association’s Quarterly Membership Meeting
Tuesday, April 25, 7:30 pm at Patrick Henry Elementary School

    At AHCA’s quarterly membership meeting, we will focus on three key topics in our neighborhood:

    In this issue, Jim Gill writes about how Arlington County’s Neighborhood Conservation program works and proposes priorities for projects that have received enough property owners’ signatures.  At the April 25 meeting, we will decide on the priorities to submit to the County.
    Also in this issue, Douglas Woods of Arlington County’s planning office write about the background and schedule of events for the Columbia Pike planning process.  Mr. Woods and Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization interim executive director Tim Lynch will attend the April 25 meeting at 9 pm to present the schedule and ask for our participation.
    At the April meeting, we will also hear Eric Lanman’s update on Virginia Department of Transportation’s plans to rebuild the bridge over Route 50 at Glebe Road; Jim Gill’s request to VDOT and the County to improve Route 50’s streetscape and to install a median to improve Route 50’s safety; our Traffic Committee’s analysis of traffic problems in our neighborhood; and reports from our secretary Betty Siegel, vice-presidents Jay Vennette and Pattie DeLoatche, treasurer Bryan Sieling, Civic Federation delegates David Davis, Carole Lieber, and Bryan Sieling, social chair Monique O’Grady, liaisons to Patrick Henry Elementary and Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and any other member who wants to participate.
    A splendid time is guaranteed for all.  Please attend on Tuesday, April 25, at 7:30 pm at Patrick Henry.

Wanted – Reward Offered (The reward, of course, is a better neighborhood!)

Neighborhood Conservation Process Update
by Jim Gill (703-685-1760, JGILL@EROLS.COM)
    Over the last three years, AHCA has been improving its infrastructure by using the Arlington County Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC) process.  We have completed two street light projects and installed neighborhood signs.  We have two additional lighting projects that have been funded and will be installed within the next six months.
    The NCAC process is based on neighborhood participation.  In order to participate, neighborhoods must have a County Board-approved Neighborhood Conservation Plan.  The Arlington Heights Plan was approved in 1980 and is being updated at this time.  Under the rules of the NCAC, any neighbor or group of neighbors can request that their civic association initiate steps for proceeding with a particular project covered by its Plan.  Projects are initiated by acquiring signatures from a percentage of the property owners or residents living on the affected streets.  For example, curb, gutter and sidewalk projects require signatures from property owners of 60% of the linear footage on the street.  Street light projects require signatures of over 50% of the residents living on the street. Once these signatures have been obtained, the project is taken to the civic association for approval and prioritization.  The civic association’s priority listing is then given to the NCAC, which ranks our neighborhoods’ projects against those of all the other neighborhoods in the County for funding.  The NCAC uses a point system to do this.  Twice a year, the NCAC recommends projects to the County Board for funding.  After the County Board funds a project, County staff installs it.  It can take as long as 18 months from NCAC approval of a project to completion of the work.  Funding for NCAC projects is provided through the sale of bonds approved by the Arlington County voters.
    Currently, Arlington Heights has eight qualified projects that have not yet been funded.  We will vote on these projects at our April meeting.  These projects are described in the proposed motions listed below.  Additionally, we are actively pursuing signatures on two other projects at this time.  If improvements to your street are not in the queue, and you believe they should be, please contact our NCAC representative, Jim Gill.
    Proposed motions relating to unfunded NCAC projects for our membership meeting on April 25:

    Motion A:  AHCA approves of the following NCAC projects and prioritizes them in the following order:
1. Installation of Carlyle type street lights on South Ivy Street between 2nd Street South and 5th Street South; and on 3rd Street South between South Irving and South Ivy Streets.
2. Installation of Carlyle type street lights on South Irving Street between 6th Street South and 9th Street South.
3. Installation of Carlyle type street lights on 2nd Street South between South Glebe Road and South Fillmore Street; on First Road South between South Glebe Road and Old Glebe Road; and on Old Glebe Road between First Road South and 2nd Street South.
4. Completion of installation of Carlyle type street lights on 6th Street South between South Glebe Road and South Walter Reed Drive, and installation of Carlyle type street lights on South Garfield Street between 6th Street South and 7th Street South.
5. Installation of Carlyle type street lights on the 200 through 500 blocks of South Garfield Street; and on South Fenwick Street between 2nd and 5th Streets South, including the 5th Street South cul-de-sac.
6. Installation of curbs, gutters, and Carlyle type street lights on South Garfield Street between Arlington Boulevard and 2nd Street South.
7. Installation of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and Carlyle type street lights on South Fenwick Street between Arlington Boulevard and 2nd Street South.
8. Installation of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and Carlyle type street lights on South Highland Street between 2nd Street South and 5th Street South

    Motion B:  The AHCA project for installation of Carlyle type street lights on the 200 through 500 blocks of South Garfield Street; and on South Fenwick Street between 2nd and 5th Streets South, including the 5th Street South cul-de-sac is a safety project submitted in response to a police department criminal activity investigation that concluded, in part, that the streets were too dark and that lighting should be upgraded.

    Motion C.  The AHCA project for installation of curbs, gutters, and Carlyle type street lights on South Highland Street between 2nd Street South and 5th Street South will result in narrowing the street and reducing the speed of traffic which passes through it.  It is a safety project submitted in response to the traffic survey conducted in the neighborhood that found that this portion of South Highland Street carries a high volume of speeding traffic.  Because there are no sidewalks on this portion of South Highland street, kindergarten through 9th grade children who walk to Patrick Henry Elementary and Thomas Jefferson Middle Schools walk in the center of the street.  The Principals of both schools who have stated their concern for the safety of these children walking to school in the center of this heavily-traveled street.  This project also addresses these concerns.

RENT*A*KID  --  Hire our neighborhood’s young entrepreneurs!
Codes:   A=Lawn Mowing  B=Baby Sitting  C=Pet/plant Sitting  D=Odd Jobs/Errands  E=House Sitting  F=Leaf/Yard Raking

Help Make Our Float or Banner for the Neighborhood Day Parade, Saturday, May 13
by Monique O'Grady (703-521-5631, MONIQUE_CONRAD@METRONETWORKS.COM)
    Neighborhood Day is Saturday, May 13, and we need your help.  We will participate in the parade at 2 pm that Saturday on Wilson Boulevard between Clarendon and the Courthouse.  Here's how you can help:
1. Walk in the parade behind our banner with your neighbors, friends, and family.  Pull your children in a wagon or push them in a stroller.  Arlington Heights T-shirt or sweatshirt optional, but highly recommended!
2. Drive our officers in your convertible
3. Ride on our float sitting in your front porch chair wearing an Arlington Heights t-shirt or sweatshirt
 (See page 5 to order an AHCA shirt or sweatshirt)
4. Buy plywood, 2x4s, paint, and other supplies at a hardware store April 29 at 10:30 am and transport it
5. Make a banner, and signs for the convertibles April 29 between 1 and 5 pm at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center
6. Use your woodworking skills to cut plywood and construct a house background for our float at the TJ workshop April 29 at 1 pm
7. Paint our "houses" at TJ at the TJ workshop on April 29 between 2 and 5 pm
8. Store our "houses" in your garage for two weeks until we assemble the float
9. Bring a staple gun and help put the float together May 13 at 9 am at a neighborhood site to be determined
10. Disassemble the float after the parade on May 13 at approximately 5 pm
11. Join the FLOAT COMMITTEE to make it all happen.  We will meet at Monique O'Grady's house, 315 South Highland Street, on Thursday, April 27, at 7:15 pm to finalize the float design and determine what materials we need to buy.
    If you have questions or are ready to volunteer, please contact Monique O'Grady as above or at MOGRADEEVA@CS.COM as soon as possible.

You Are Cordially Invited To The Dedication Of Arlington Heights Park
Neighborhood Day, Saturday, May 13, 10:00 a.m.
and Community Yard Sale, Saturday, May 20, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
by Jay Vennett (703-920-1832, JAJVENNETT@EARTHLINK.NET)
    On Saturday, May 13, Arlington Heights Civic Association will officially dedicate Arlington Heights Park at the intersection of South 9th and South Irving Streets, the park recently beautified and officially named via AHCA's efforts.  A County Board member will preside.
    Then on Saturday, May 20, AHCA will hold a Community Yard Sale there 8 am - 12 noon, (Rain date for this event is Saturday, June 10th.)  At these events, we will use and support our "new" park, visit with neighbors, and  sell items to a larger audience than we could at individual sales.
    People who live in the AHCA area can participate as vendors.  It is anticipated that the vendors will sell household items, clothing, crafts, baked goods and more.  Space at the park would limit the event to the first 15 vendors to sign up.  Vendors would supply their own tables and chairs.  AHCA is requesting a $10 fee, from each vendor, prior to the event.  The cost will help cover AHCA's commitment to help fund the recent changes in the park, as well as some of the costs involved in organizing the sale.
    Jay and Amy Vennett are co-chairs for these events.  We are looking for 2 or 3 (or more) volunteers to help with publicity, assist with signs, help organize on the day of the events, etc.  If you would like to help, please come to a meeting at their home at 864 South Irving Street at 6:45 pm on Tuesday, April 25, 2000.  (Note: this is just prior to the quarterly AHCA meeting at 7:30 pm at Patrick Henry Elementary School).  More information on this event will follow at the quarterly meeting.
    If you want to sign up to be a vendor on May 20, please contact the Vennetts.

Garden Day at Patrick Henry Elementary School
by Mary Ellen Finn (703-521-3217, MEFINN3212@AOL.COM)
    AHCA gardeners extraordinaire plan a Garden Day at Patrick Henry Elementary School on Saturday, April 29.  Between now and then, if you go by a nursery, pick up an extra plant or two for the beautification project. Even if you cannot help plant that day, bring the plant to the April 25 meeting or drop it off at my house before April 29.  Help us make Patrick Henry even more beautiful!

AHCA Honors Arlington Principal of the Year
by Monique O'Grady
    There's a new sign that Patrick Henry has an award-winning leader.  It’s the banner hanging outside the school honoring Principal Cintia Johnson as Arlington's Principal of the Year.  AHCA and the Patrick Henry PTA purchased the banner recognizing the elementary school principal's achievement.
    Late last year, The Washington Post presented the award to Ms. Johnson after students, parents, and teachers nominated her. They recognized her dedication to improving the school's Standards of Learning test scores, and the personal interest she takes in her students' achievements.  Please join us in applauding Ms. Johnson’s award!

Columbia Pike Revitalization Planning Process - 2000
by Douglas J. Woods, AICP (phone 703-228-0097, fax 703-228-3834, DWOODS@CO.ARLINGTON.VA.US)
Columbia Pike Initiative Coordinator, 2100 Clarendon Blvd. Suite 700, Arlington VA 22201

    In January 1998, County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman announced the creation of the Columbia Pike Initiative (CPI). This initiative, which involved Arlington County, CPRO, and the full Columbia Pike community (residents, business and property owners, civic groups, and interested citizens) was the result of a series of meetings held in the Columbia Pike community throughout the fall of 1997. The goal of the Initiative is to build a safer, cleaner, more competitive and vibrant Columbia Pike community.
    The County Board and County Manager formed a CPI working group comprised of CPRO, community representatives and County staff. The group was charged to agree upon goals, objectives and action plans to address both short-term and longer-range community issues and to undertake immediate action on already-identified short-term goals. The CPI was established by the County Board to address community issues extending from the Pentagon to the Fairfax County line. County staff, CPRO and the Columbia Pike community have been working together since January 1998 to identify appropriate responses to short–term issues while generating and discussing alternative strategies to respond to more complicated long-term issues. These activities are summarized in a CPI Action Plan and include aggressive code and law enforcement, litter control and other maintenance efforts, graffiti removal, improved lighting, implementation of approved capital improvements and discussions with business and property owners on improving their properties. Further analysis and community input will be required to fully address and make decisions on more complex issues such as zoning changes or other incentives to stimulate new investment in the area, major transit initiatives, creation of new public open space, etc.  The information compiled and synthesized during the above community process can be found in the Columbia Pike Initiative: Working Group Report, which was presented to the County Board and discussed in two work sessions. It includes recommendations for creating a cleaner, safer, more competitive and more vibrant Columbia Pike as well as an action plan.
    To further identify and clarify community priorities and create a community vision for the future of Columbia Pike, CPRO sponsored a community participation process that ran concurrently with the Columbia Pike Initiative process and ended in mid-September 1998. This process resulted in a report, Columbia Pike: A Vision for the Future, which identifies current problems and strengths and the community’s vision for its future.  This report is part of the Columbia Pike Initiative: Working Group Report.

Planning Process
    The Columbia Pike Plan will be a cooperative effort among Arlington County staff, CPRO, and residents, community based organizations, property owners, businesses, Civic Associations, Condo and other associations, churches and all other interested groups in the study area.  County staff will coordinate the development of the plan with all of the above groups.  CPRO will facilitate the process ensuring that all of the above groups are included at every phase of the process.
    The planning process begins with geographically oriented meetings at which the planning process will be discussed, previous planning efforts will be discussed briefly, and idea generation and refinement will follow. The workshops meetings will be geographically based to optimize citizen participation.  The overall Columbia Pike Initiative process will extend beyond this plan process and will include the implementation of recommendations contained within the plan.
    Phase 1 Workshop Meeting:  Wednesday, April 26, Arlington Career Center, 816 S. Walter Reed Dr., Dining Room; 7 pm – 10 pm), including brief presentations of previous planning efforts, current planning efforts and discussions of  Urban Design Analysis/ Existing Conditions Analysis; Preliminary Concept Plan (developed from previous planning efforts); Economic Development and Commercial Revitalization; Land Use and Zoning, Development, Urban Design, and Historic Resources; Transportation, Transit, Traffic, Parking, and Public Infrastructure; Housing; Open Space and Recreational Needs.  Through this process we will be able to discern area concerns regarding public facilities, housing opportunities, jobs, and job training.  Participants in these workshops are encouraged to form discussion groups outside of the planned meetings and to encourage maximum participation within their neighborhoods and organizations.  County staff may also arrange topical discussion group meetings, if needed, to further discuss the issues.  County staff and CPRO will be available for additional discussions with and presentations to all Civic Associations, Community Based Groups, Condo Associations, church groups and other organizations.
    Phase 1 Group Meeting:  Thursday, May 18, Arlington Career Center Dining Room;: 7 pm – 10 pm).  The last workshop meeting will bring the geographic area groups together to further discussion and refine ideas generated at the three geographically based meetings and other meetings held prior to the group meeting.  A Preliminary Concept Plan developed/refined from geographic meetings will also be presented and discussed
    Phase 2 Workshop Meeting is 7:00 pm, Wednesday, June 28, 2000, Arlington Career Center Dining Room.  Phase 2 Group Meeting is 7:00 pm, Wednesday, July 12, 2000, Arlington Career Center Dining Room.  Then come a County Board work session, Phase 3 Workshop and Group Meetings, presentations to Planning Commission and to County Board, and implementation.

Got Branches?
    Arlington County picks up branches and yard waste for free along with trash on Friday mornings.  You do not need to bag or bundle branches, but you must call the County Solid Waste office (703-228-6570) by 4 pm on Thursday to ask for a special pick-up.

Got News?
Please write for our newsletter.  Send articles to editor Pattii Rosensteel (703-979-4555, PATTII@AOL.COM).

Mike, Brittany, Caitlin, and Monique O'Grady show off their Arlington Heights sweatshirts
Buy an Arlington Heights sweatshirt or t-shirt!

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Mail or drop off your checks payable to AHCA and order forms to
Monique O'Grady, 315 South Highland Street, Arlington VA 22204-2053

    Please fill out your Census form and send it in on time.  A complete, accurate count makes a big difference in how the U.S. and the State distribute funds for roads, schools, social services, and other projects in our community.  (Do it even if you don’t have kids!)
    Congratulations to both Kim & Mike Vasconi, 309 South Irving Street, on the birth of twin sons, Zachary (6 pounds 12 ounces) and Benjamin (6 pounds 6 ounces), March 23, 2000, and to Ron and Cathy Peterson, 3110 6th Street South, on the birth of their daughter Grace Marilyn, March 8, 2000 (International Women's Day).  It’s a population explosion!  Welcome to the neighborhood! 
 Letter to Prospective Members

Dear Arlington Heights Neighbor:

    Arlington Heights Civic Association (AHCA) needs your participation.
    We are working with Arlington County and the State of Virginia on many projects to improve our neighborhood, including

    These improvements make our neighborhood nicer and increase the values of our most important investments – our homes.  Recently, houses in Arlington Heights have sold the same weekend they were listed  –  solid evidence that our efforts are paying off.

    We also:

    To join, send a message to AHCA-SUBSCRIBE@ONELIST.COM.

    The only way neighborhoods get resources in Arlington is via their neighborhood associations.  The neighborhoods with the highest participation get the most resources.  AHCA is your neighborhood association.

    Please consider joining AHCA.  Family membership for the year is $10.  Business membership for the year is $20, and you get a $5 discount on ads in four issues of OVER THE FENCE.

    If you want more information, please call our president, Jay Jacob Wind, at 703-920-5193, or our membership vice-president, Pattie DeLoatche, at 703-979-0484.  Thank you for considering joining AHCA.
Pattie DeLoatche, Membership Vice-President, and Jay Jacob Wind, President
Arlington Heights Civic Association
To join, send your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and membership check to
AHCA, c/o Bryan Sieling, Treasurer, 632 South Highland Street, Arlington VA 22204
Name  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City ST ZIP  _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone ______________________________ E-mail __________________________________________________________________
Enclosed is     [__] $10 for family membership     [__] $20 for business membership     [__] An additional donation of $____________

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