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October 2001

Membership Meeting Tuesday, October 16

by Jay Jacob Wind, AHCA President <jay.wind@att.net>

AHCA's next quarterly meeting is Tuesday, October 16, at 7:30 pm at Patrick Henry Elementary School. Agenda:

How September 11 Affected Us
by Jay Jacob Wind, AHCA President <jay.wind@att.net>

The terrorist attacks on September 11 affected each of us personally, our neighborhood, our country, and our world.

At 9:15 am, my wife called me from Patrick Henry School with the dreadful news about New York City. Even as we talked, we heard a roar and felt a rumble. I called 911 to ask what it was. They responded "We're trying to find out, too." Then I heard the news of the plane crash at the Pentagon on radio, and then the sirens. I ran out to see.

Within minutes, Arlington Police restricted our segment of Columbia Pike from Glebe Road east to the Pentagon for emergency use. Ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars rushed both ways through Arlington Heights to the crash site and area hospitals. Fire Station #1 across Glebe Road activated all available firefighters and equipment. From Columbia Pike, we saw a high column of smoke rising from the Pentagon.

At Vector Research on South Highland, our neighborhood's largest employer, employees evacuated the building after a bomb threat., adding to the challenge for Arlington Police. At Thomas Jefferson Middle School, staff, teachers, and students moved into the gym, the safest room in the building. At my office at Vanguard Foundation on Columbia Pike, we decided to postpone all events for the week. From work, I gathered a bouquet of flowers and ran down Columbia Pike to the knoll at Southgate and Joyce overlooking the Pentagon. There, I placed the first flowers of what has since become a massive grass-roots people's memorial site.

In the following weeks, Arlington Heights neighbors helped in many ways. We gave blood and assisted Red Cross rescue efforts. Salvation Army collected and distributed food, blankets, and materiel. Nora Gabaldon of Arlington Hardware donated 24 pairs of heavy work gloves. Thomas Jefferson Community Center housed emergency workers. Jefferson students raised $1,900 for the Red Cross with a car wash and bake sale. Neighbors on the 600 block of South Garfield hung a flag from overhead wires, the largest flag of many in our neighborhood. Arlington United Methodist Church and other area churches held memorial services. At Arlington-Fairfax Jewish Congregation, Rabbi Lia Bass's high holiday sermons were prayers for peace. Rabbi Bass herself drove to New Jersey to attend memorial services for two members of her former congregation who died in the World Trade Center.

Neighborhoods all over the U.S. lost family members and friends on September 11. I offer my sympathies and prayers to all who lost loved ones, and my thanks to all who helped out then and continue to help.

Columbia Pike Plan Moves Forward
by Tim Lynch, CPRO Director <cpro@uptownarlington.com>

Now we start the Big Push. After 30 years of waiting and now four years of surveys, studies, focus groups, and planning, the Columbia Pike Initiative Plan enters the home stretch.

The plan charts a course of growth for the next 20 years, reflecting our community's vision for the future. The plan covers Transportation strategies -- traffic volume, speed, and flow, and concepts to improve public transportation in the near term (better bus service) and the long term (continued study of light and heavy rail) Economic development -- enhancing what we have while bringing in new business and entertainment Housing issues -- we have already created Columbia Heights West Housing/Community Development Task Force Physical environment -- building size, location, and preferred usage, sidewalk size and materials, trees, and street lamps.

After 20 months of intense activity, the real challenge is ahead. The plan now goes through various County committees and commissions and is then presented to the County Board for approval. In the commission process, we expect the plan to go before the County Board in two parts. The first part, most likely related to transportation, housing and the general principles of the plan, goes to the County Board in January 2002. The second part, addressing the General Land Use Plan (GLUP), zoning, and a typology handbook, goes to the County Board in March 2002.

Your support of this plan is to its adoption. For more about the plan and how you can help ensure this bright future, call Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (703-892-2776).

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South Garfield Park Proposal Submitted
by Karen Laake <klaake@qualcomm.com>

On October 1, we filed our Small Parks Program Grant application at the Department of Parks and Recreation for the County-owned vacant lot at 3000 Arlington Boulevard.

(Each year, Arlington County allocates $60,000 for small parks applications submitted by community organizations.)

Included in our application were diagrams of the proposed park, a letter of support from Patrick Henry Elementary School's PTA, and AHCA's park petition.

Here are the cover letter and description of our project:

Enclosed for your review and consideration is an application for a Small Parks Program grant. We are submitting this application on behalf of area residents, the PTA of Patrick Henry Elementary, and members of Arlington Heights Civic Association. Residents adjacent to the proposed park have reviewed the application and indicated approval by signing the enclosed "Park Petition." By signing this Petition, they have proven their interest in transforming this wooded vacant lot into a park. Neighbors and members are eager to participate in the clean-up, beautification and daily maintenance of the proposed park. They have also demonstrated their willingness to give generously of their time and resources.

AHCA President Jay Wind strongly endorsed the project, stating, "It is the right thing to do." On October 17, 2000, AHCA voted to file a letter of intent signed by Wind.

Population served: All age groups, residents of AHCA and surrounding neighborhoods, joggers, bike riders, and 4th of July celebrations

Purpose/justification for project: AHCA committed itself to participation in the Neighborhood Conservation Program for Arlington in May of 1976. (Its NC Plan) states, "There is also no wooded recreation area within our community. In this sense, the neighborhood is very park-deficient." By turning this wooded vacant lot into a park, AHCA will meet one of its long outstanding goals. It will provide badly needed parkland, beautify our streets, and enhance a gateway to our neighborhood.

Estimated Cost

        400 ft. fence $2,200.00
        Removal of concrete $1,650.00
        Benches $2,860.00
        Trash Cans $ 495.00
        Brush removal to be determined
        Signage $ 165.00
        Total Cost: (Grant Application) $7,370.00

AHCA Community Calendar

Friday, November 16 December Newsletter deadline - Send to Shannon Rudisill (jmg_slr@hotmail.com, 703-521-4957)
Saturday, December 14, 4:30 pm Holiday Caroling
Tuesday, January 22, 2002, 7:30 pm AHCA Meeting

VDOT Public Meeting on Route 50 Median
by Carrie Johnson <carrie3219@aol.com>

On October 10, Virginia Department of Public Transportation (VDOT) held a public meeting at Thomas Jefferson Community Center on a proposed median separating east- and west-bound Route 50 (Arlington Boulevard).

At the meeting, neighbors looked at the proposals, talked with VDOT and Arlington Department of Public Works representatives, and made comments.

VDOT proposed a concrete median -- a four-foot-wide low curb, not Jersey barriers -- down the middle of Arlington Blvd. between the current barrier near Glebe Road and Fillmore Street, with the only opening at Irving Street. The median would prevent all left turns and crossings of Route 50 at Jackson, Hudson, Highland, Garfield, and Fenwick Streets and all driveways along the way, including the cemetery. VDOT showed several options for managing left turns at Irving Street.

This project goes back to a VDOT-County effort to reduce safety problems on Arlington Blvd. in the mid-1980s. A federal grant of about $500,000 was earmarked for a median in 1988. Apparently, no analysis of accident rates and causes, impacts on neighborhood streets, etc. was been done since then.

This is one (and one of the smaller) of several VDOT initiatives that raise major questions about the future of Arlington Blvd. Anyone interested in exploring these issues gradually, please let me know. Whatever your opinion (and I suspect neighborhood opinions are very mixed), it would be good to get lots of comments.

AHCA Officers for 2001
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Civic Federation
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Newsletter Shannon Rudisill (703-521-4957)
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Arlington Heights and Penrose Real Estate Listings and Sales as of June 1, 2001
compiled by Casey O'Neal, RE/MAX Horizons <casey@caseyoneal.com>
Listing Sales Bed Full Half Area Age Days on Contract Settle
Address Price
Baths Baths sq.ft Yrs Market Date Date Subsidy
Active Listings
817 South Irving St  $160,000 2 1 2,335 62 3 10-Sep-01
3602 Arlington Blvd $350,000 3 3 4,734 65 4
2029 6th St South  $293,900 2 2 1 1,134 12 16
3007 7th St South  $360,000 4 2 1 5,500 64 81
20 South Hudson St  $375,000 3 2 6,428 50 77
608 South Wayne St  $329,500 3 2 1 6,617 36 107
Average $311,400 48
Pending Listings
509 South Highland St $264,950 2 1 8,276 86 6 01-Aug-01 21-Sep-01
617 South Wayne St  $320,000 3 2 6,292 47 6 03-Aug-01 28-Sep-01
2046 6th St South  $290,000 3 3 1,736 12 0 14-Aug-01 28-Sep-01
625 South Highland St  $375,000 3 2 6,503 59 20 15-Aug-01 31-Oct-01
3200 2nd St South  $399,000 4 2 1 6,465 61 14 22-Aug-01 19-Oct-01
825 South Glebe Rd  $179,900 3 1 2,919 62 14 24-Aug-01 14-Sep-01
Average $304,808 12
2220 2nd St South  $225,000 $225,000 3 2 1 3,042 30 6 03-May-01 25-May-01
137 South Garfield St  $289,000 $285,000 3 1 1 6,048 51 10 07-May-01 14-Jun-01 $300
3240 6th St South  $259,900 $261,000 2 1 4,944 63 3 20-May-01 29-Jun-01
413 South Veitch St  $208,000 $208,000 2 1 2,750 59 0 21-May-01 24-May-01
3001 6th St South  $269,500 $283,500 3 2 5,306 52 5 22-May-01 16-Jul-01
820 South Veitch St  $499,999 $470,000 5 3 1 5,825 8 9 24-May-01 28-Jun-01
854 South Ivy St  $160,000 $160,000 2 1 2,500 62 2 30-May-01 25-Jun-01
415 South Adams St  $287,500 $314,500 3 3 5,500 71 4 04-Jun-01 10-Jul-01
301 South Garfield St  $275,000 $306,000 3 2 1 5,787 61 5 05-Jun-01 31-Jul-01
84 South Wise St  $245,900 $250,500 3 3 1,082 13 2 10-Jun-01 17-Jul-02
212 South Edgewood St  $249,900 $258,000 3 1 4,200 25 92 28-Jun-01 02-Aug-01 $7,740
904 South Highland St  $139,000 $145,000 2 1 2,080 62 1 01-Jul-01 27-Jul-01
800 South Highland St  $339,900 $385,000 3 2 1 6,518 50 2 09-Jul-01 20-Aug-01
2801 1st Pl South  $315,000 $315,000 4 2 1 6,675 27 41 14-Jul-01 08-Aug-01
3220 9th St South  $190,000 $201,000 3 1 4,300 62 5 25-Jul-01 14-Aug-01
406 South Highland St  $463,000 $463,000 3 4 5,500 81 34 01-Aug-01 13-Aug-01
2325 9th St South  $299,000 $285,000 3 3 1 1,619 21 33 13-Aug-01 04-Sep-01
Average $277,388 $283,265 16
On average, sale prices were 102.12% over listing prices.
Coming soon in North Barcroft! Two New Luxury Homes!
Also, an existing century-old farmhouse to renovated
614 S. Taylor Street offered for sale at $495,000

* 5 Bedrooms, 3 finished levels
* 4 Bedrooms, 2 full baths on Upstairs level
* Basement rec room, and 5th bedroom/den
* 2 Car Garage, 11, 500 sq.ft. lots

Call Casey O'Neal (703-824-4196) or Rosemarie Johnson (703-824-4195)
The Judi Finney/Casey O'Neal Team, RE/MAX Horizons
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Codes: A=Lawns and Leaves B=Baby Sitting C=Pet/plant Sitting D=Odd Jobs/Errands E=House Sitting F=Snow Shoveling

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Jeff Parry (703-920-7521) C David Rivera (703-521-8318) ACDEF Cami Roa (703-486-0992) BC (cats only)
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