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October 26, 2005

TO: Jay Fisette, Chairman, Arlington County Board

FROM: Office of the County Manager

SUBJECT: 247993/2221215

STAFF PREPARING RESPONSE: Kurt Louis, P&NR, DPRCR Pete Feheley, Sports Division, DPRCR

Staff from the Parks and Natural Resources Division (P&NR) and the Sports Division of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources (DPRCR) have investigated two park related concerns of Mr. Croswell. The current lights around the track at Thomas Jefferson Middle School provide the standard lighting for pedestrian usage. The lights are intended to provide enough light for safe usage and not to create any additional light spillage to neighbors. Staff agrees that the level of usage of the track has increased over the years. Improving or adding additional lights along the track would require some engineering by lighting professional to ensure the new lighting would comply with today’s standards. The cost of this request would exceed the allotted annual operational budget, and it needs to be funded out of the department’s capital improvements program. This request could be considered during the discussions for the FY 2007-2012 CIP, which is currently being developed. P&NR staff will continue to monitor the area for broken glass, and check to ensure that all lights are working properly. Staff will also check to make sure no lights are being blocked by low hanging tree branches.

The alternative surface field was part of a three site project (Rocky Run, Barcroft and Thomas Jefferson) in the late 90’s to provide a facility that would support heavy usage for both scheduled and drop-in play for rectangular sports activities. The product was purchased from Luckstone Corporation and has been used at various locations throughout the Mid- Atlantic region. The company has provided documentation to verify that the surface contains no harmful properties, but as with any natural surface without grass cover it can emit dust during the dry seasons that may offend those with allergies or preexisting breathing issues. To alleviate these concerns DPRCR staff has sent out the water truck to abate these situations when nature has not provided adequate moisture. A copy of the properties of the product that was used at Thomas Jefferson can be provided to any citizens who desire.