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2022 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are virtual during the pandemic. Normally meetings alternate between
Alice West Fleet Elementary Library
and the
Public Montessori School of Arlington Library.
Meetings start at 7:00 PM.

Please check the newsletter for details.

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Mailing List Rules

On January 27, 2010, AHCA's membership added these list rules: (we are now on but these reference the legacy Yahoogroup)

  1. Moderators of the neighborhood group list (currently Yahoogroup) will be the current president and any appointee of the current president.
  2. As a general rule, only those in the neighborhood may post.
  3. Those outside the neighborhood may send a request to any executive committee member to post information of interest to the neighborhood.
  4. Groups to which AHCA belongs may post (e.g. CPRO, Civic Federation) or by specific request of the President (e.g. Arlington County Police).
  5. Local business members, including non-profits, who are members who have paid annual dues and are otherwise in good standing may advertise on the Yahoogroup up to 6 times per year -- no attachments are permitted.

On April 22, 2003, AHCA's membership adopted these list rules:

  1. Don't discuss confidential or legally sensitive matters on this list - this is a public forum.
  2. Do not forward private correspondence to the list without the express permission of the original author.
  3. Do not send graphics files or any other binary attachments to the list. It is easier on the mail server and the subscribers if you simply post a URL pointing to the file in question instead. This also helps prevent the spread of email worms and viruses.
  4. All new subscribers are automatically moderated, to prevent outsiders form abusing this list as a public announcement list. Any dangerous or threatening messages shall be reported to the appropriate authority (law enforcement,, etc.) and the subscriber responsible will be unsubscribed and banned.
  5. This is not a forum for personal attacks or flame wars. Sending threatening, harassing, or abusive messages from the list is not permitted. If a list member observes such conduct, they should contact a list administrator immediately.
  6. Any other message from an Arlington Heights neighbor will be approved, regardless of content. The moderator will use his or her judgment in removing automatic moderation status from new subscribers who are verified to be from Arlington Heights once they have posted a few times.
  7. Any other message from someone outside Arlington Heights will be approved if it pertains to Arlington Heights. All subscribers from outside Arlington Heights will be moderated. (Replaced on January 27, 2010, by new rules #2 & #3 above)
  8. From time to time, the entire list may be moderated, at the sole discretion of the list moderator.
  9. The AHCA membership elects a Moderator. In the case of a vacancy in this office the AHCA President will act as Moderator until the President appoints a new Moderator, or an AHCA meeting occurs. AHCA will then elect a new Moderator at its next public meeting. The Moderator may delegate administrative tasks related to the office to one or more List Administrators. (Replaced on January 27, 2010, by new rule #1 above)
  10. Subscribers violating these rules will be subject to discipline from the list administrators. This discipline may include moderation of comments, so that the list administrators must approve posts form the offender before they reach the list, or outright removal from the list for repeat offenders.