Neighborhood Planning Issues

2021 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are virtual during the pandemic. Normally meetings alternate between
Alice West Fleet Elementary Library
and the
Public Montessori School of Arlington Library.
Meetings start at 7:00 PM.

Please check the newsletter for details.

Arlington Heights Civic Association takes an active part in helping to plan improvements to our neighborhood. We maintain this planning page both to inform our residents about ongoing planning efforts and to maintain a historical archive of past activities.

Last updated September 21, 2020.

Neighborhood Conservation Plan

Read Arlington Heights's official Neighborhood Conservation Plan, adopted in 2008. Arlington County encourages civic associations to participate in the Neighborhood Conservation Program. Arlington County summarizes the program as follows:

The Neighborhood Conservation Program helps improve and enhance Arlington neighborhoods. When the program was created in 1964, the goal was to empower residents by having them come together to discuss and share ideas for improving their neighborhoods. Today, the program provides funding for a variety of improvements including: installation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streetlights, signs, park improvements, neighborhood art and beautification. This program empowers citizens to identify and plan projects in their own neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Conservation Project Status

Active Projects

N515: South Irving Street & Arlington Boulevard Phase II
Location 2900-3200 block Arlington Boulevard - frontage between South Fillmore Street and South Irving Street
Status Active Design (as of Jan. 2018). Project dad been in pending queue awaiting VDOT action 2011-2017
Project Type Street Improvement
Approval Proposed: 1999 Initial design rejected July 13, 2010 (See Over the Fence 2010-10) Revised design approved: 2011?
Funded date 02/15/2011
Original budget $381,478

Priority Projects - Proposed (maximum of two in the NC queue)

  1. Traffic calming and intersection redesign on 1st Road South: between South Glebe and Old Glebe - submitted May 27, 2016
  2. 2nd Street South - Sidewalk Improvements: South Side - Accessibility and Walkability; North Side - Drainage; between South Glebe Road and South Irving Street - submitted May 8, 2018

Additional Project Suggestions

The following needs have been identified repeatedly at civic association meetings::

Some Historical Projects

Planning Items by Year


Letter from County Board about Columbia Pike library

This letter, posted on April 23, 2020, confirms that there are no plans to relocate the library.


Arlington Boulevard project N515

See the Final Design for the modifications to Arlington Boulevard, project N515, that Tim McIntosh from the NCAC sent AHCA.

Construction of Fleet Elementary School

As of September, 2019, construction of Alice West Fleet Elementary School is complete.