6th Street Drainage Repairs

2024 Meeting Schedule

Normally meetings alternate between
Alice West Fleet Elementary Library
and the
Public Montessori School of Arlington Library.
Meetings start at 7:00 PM.

Please check the newsletter for details.

6 pm - 7 pm, Tuesday, July 18
3321 6th Street South

Later this year, Arlington County will dig up 6th Street South to install new storm sewer lines and drains to eliminate localized flooding and repair damage from the storm of '00.

At 6 pm, Tuesday, July 18, residents of

are invited to meet at Doug and Susan Patteson's house, 3321 6th Street South.

Arlington County engineering supervisor Russell Carroll (703-228-3635) and a representative from construction management supervisor William Boyce's office (703-228-3582 after July 24) will brief residents about what to expect when, and answer questions about both the storm sewer project and subsequent sidewalk repairs.

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Affected streets:


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June 7, 2000

TO:  Barbara A. Favola, Chairman, Arlington County Board
FROM: William T. Donahue, County Manager

    The following are observations about the May 23, 2000, e-mail of Mr. Jay Wind, President of the Arlington Heights Citizen Association to the County Board, various staff, and other interested persons about a future storm drain project planned for 6th Street South from South Irving Street to South Glebe Road.  Mr. Wind has expressed an interest in the project on behalf of the residents of 6th Street South and has met and conversed with several staff members of the Department of Public Works.  Staff has advised Mr. Wind that the present planned sequence will be the advertisement for bids in June, contract award in August, and construction until winter weather closes the construction activity.  Construction will resume and hopefully be completed in the spring.  Concrete repair and paving will then follow construction.

    In preparation for paving, it is normal to repair the adjacent concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, which comprise most of the items on Mr. Wind's list.  Driveway aprons will be replaced at the request and expense of the property owner.  All concrete work will be selected for replacement in accordance with the County's replacement standard, which includes reported tripping hazards, grade differences of ½ inch or more, spalled concrete, broken inlet tops, or curb which prevents drainage.  Though some drainage correction may be possible, the flatness of the grade of the street and the surrounding area makes this kind of correction very difficult.  Staff will have to be careful that an attempted improvement for one person will not result in a problem for another.  The onsite drainage system described at 3321 and 3325 6th Street South is beyond the scope of concrete replacement work to solve.  Following the concrete repair, the street will be milled and paved.

    Staff will stay in contact with Mr. Wind.  If he has any questions concerning design, he may continue his contact with Russell Carroll at 703-228-3635 for design issues, and William Boyce at 703-228-3582 for construction issues.

cc: R.S.Kem
Dennis Johnson
Russell Carroll