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August 17, 2000

TO:              Jay Fisette, Vice Chairman, Arlington County Board
FROM:        William T. Donahue, County Manager
SUBJECT:   G57002 - Highland/Towing

    Mr. Jay Wind contacted the County Board because on July 26, 2000, the owner of a restaurant on Columbia Pike contacted Henry's Wrecker Service to remove cars illegally parked on the restaurant lot.  According to Mr. Wind's e?mail, instead of towing the vehicles directly to the tow lot, the cars were towed to South Highland Street, parked, picked up sometime later and presumably towed to the tow company lot.

    Mr. Wind asks if the "practice of dumping cars" on residential streets is legal. There is no County Code prohibiting cars from being parked on a residential street where no parking restrictions exist.

    Citizen and Consumer Affairs (C&CA) closely monitors complaints against tow companies.  This is the first such report received by C&CA about a tow company using a residential street for temporary storage of towed vehicles.  Should this prove to be more than an isolated incident and more complaints of this nature are received, staff will investigate ways to discourage the practice.