Traffic Committee requests traffic calming measures

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In a letter to Richard Best, Arlington County Department of Public Works, Arlington Heights Traffic Committee (AHTC) pinpointed 11 locations with traffic problems identified in our 1999 Traffic Survey and asked the County's help to institute traffic calming measures.

October 12, 1999

Richard Best
Public Works Planner
Department of Public Works
2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 717
Arlington, VA 22201

Dear Mr. Best,

    Thank you so much for meeting with the Arlington Heights Traffic Committee (AHTC) on September 28.  The meeting was productive, informative, and encouraging.

    As you suggested, we have listed our primary traffic concerns within Arlington Heights, including specific streets and the observed problem(s) associated with each street.  We have used the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Traffic Survey conducted earlier this year, as well as recent problems brought to our attention by our civic association president, as a basis for this letter.

1. STREET:  2nd Street, between Glebe and Fillmore
PROBLEMS: 2. STREET:  Highland, between 2nd and Columbia Pike
PROBLEMS: 3. STREET:  7th Street, between Glebe and Walter Reed

4. STREETS:  Fenwick, Garfield, Highland, Hudson, between Route 50 and 2nd

5. STREET:  Irving, between Route 50 and 7th
PROBLEMS: 6. STREET:  Fillmore / Walter Reed, between Route 50 and Columbia Pike
PROBLEMS: 7. STREET:  Garfield - Fenwick - 5th, between 2nd and Fillmore
PROBLEM: 8. INTERSECTION: Glebe and Columbia Pike
PROBLEM: 9. STREET:  Service Road adjacent to Route 50, between Fenwick and Fillmore
PROBLEM: 10. INTERSECTIONS: Glebe and 2nd, Old Glebe and 2nd
PROBLEM: 11. STREET:  1st Road

    We realize this is a long list.  However, it reflects the direct observations and experiences of the residents of Arlington Heights and shows that traffic-calming in our neighborhood is sorely needed.

    We understand that the next step in the process is traffic data collection by the County.  You have asked us to suggest particular times of the day when we feel data collection would be most useful.  It appears that cut-through traffic peaks during the morning and evening rush hours (6:30am - 9:30am and 4:00pm - 6:00pm) when county-wide traffic volume is higher than normal.

    Speeding occurs during all hours of the day, but the highest speeds seem to be more prevalent during off hours (middle of the day, post-evening rush-hours through dawn) when traffic volume is lighter than normal.

    There are serious safety issues associated with the two schools in our neighborhood. The AHTC is committed to teaming with the schools in finding solutions that are best for all concerned.

    We look forward to continued work with you and, eventually, the NCAC, in developing appropriate, effective, and much needed traffic-calming measures in Arlington Heights.  If you have any questions, please don¹t hesitate to contact me at (202) 357-2653 or (703) 486-2439.

Bryan Sieling, Chair
Arlington Heights Traffic Committee