Proposed Route 50 Improvements

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Mr. Holcombe sent AHCA a preliminary and unapproved blueprint of the project, not to be used for the acquisition of Right of Way or Construction.


by Dusty Holcombe, Location & Design
Virginia Department of Transportation
(703) 383-2194

    The scope of the project is to replace the structure at the Route 120 (Glebe Road) - Route 50 (Arlington Blvd.) interchange as well as relieve traffic congestion on Glebe Road by creating a left turn lane for vehicles travelling north on Glebe Road and heading west on Arlington Blvd.

    The left turn lane will allow through movements on Glebe Road to proceed more efficiently through the intersections at the interchange.  Additionally, the phasing for the signals within the interchange will be modified to optimize the proposed lane configurations and allow pedestrian traffic to cross the intersections safely.  The design of the improvement is currently in its preliminary stages and advertisement of the final drawings will not occur until approximately August of 2002.  As part of the VDOT design process a public hearing will be held, though the date of the hearing has not been set.

    The Location & Design Project Manager for this project is Dusty Holcombe and he can be reached at 703-383-2194.  The state project number is 0120-000-118, C501, B609, and if you have any question please call.

    The blueprint below is preliminary and unapproved and not to be used for the acquisition of Right of Way or Construction.

West 50 blueprintEast 50 blueprint
Full Color 50 blueprint