AHC Inc. Defers Proposal To Build Low-Income Housing Project on Columbia Pike

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The non-profit AHC Inc. (formerly Arlington Housing Corporation) has deferred its proposal to build a low-income housing project on Columbia Pike, behind Crestar Bank. AHC Inc. currently manages about 1,500 units of low-income housing in various locations around the county. Click HERE to view AHC Inc's website.

Under the deferred proposal, the project would have renovated the bank building and added a seven-floor building behind the bank and with two floors of underground parking. The first floor would be 12 one-bedroom efficiencies for short-term rentals. Each of the upper six floors would include 5 one-bedroom apartments, 4 two-bedroom apartments, and 1 three-bedroom apartment for long-term rentals, for a total of 72 apartments, 108 bedrooms. There would be 114 parking places.

Although the C2 zoning on Columbia Pike allows such projects, there were many other issues involved. AHC staff discussed the proposal with various County commissions and neighborhood associations and based on their opposition, decided not to present a final proposal to the County for a conditional use permit.

AHCA met on Tuesday night, December 7, to decide our position.

Thereafter, we sent the following letter:

Jay Jacob Wind, President

December 7, 1999

Mr. Paul Ferguson, Chair
Arlington County Board
2100 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Dear Mr. Ferguson:

On Tuesday night, December 7, 1999, Arlington Heights Civic Association met at Randolph Elementary School to hear a presentation by Walter Webdale of AHC Inc. (formerly Arlington Housing Corporation) about their proposal to build a 7-floor building with 12 units for short-term rental on the first floor, and 6 three-bedroom units, 24 two-bedroom units, and 30 one-bedroom units on the top six floors, all set aside for low-income residents, a total of 72 units and 108 bedrooms.

Douglas Park Citizens Association hosted the meeting, and citizens from Alcova Heights, [Barcroft], Columbia Heights, and Penrose civic associations also attended, as did the principals of Patrick Herny and Thomas Jefferson Schools. Douglas Park president Henry Dunbar and Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization president Reid Goldstein chaired the meeting.

After Mr. Webdale's presentation, 40 members of Arlington Heights Civic Association met. By a vote of 36-2 (with 2 abstentions), we approved the following motion:

Arlington Heights Civic Association strongly opposes the Arlington Housing Corporation proposal. We find that in selecting the site AHC did not consider the impact on schools, traffic, the community, the certain needs of their future residents, or the revitalization of Columbia Pike. We strongly oppose the project and urge the county to not support the proposal.

I am pleased to know that the County will consider our concerns as it considers AHC Inc.'s proposal.

Jay Jacob Wind, President