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September 16, 2010

Commonwealth Transportation Board approves the transfer of Columbia Pike to Arlington County

(On September 15,) the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved and authorized the Commissioner of Transportation to execute an agreement with Arlington County on the transfer of real property and the transition of maintenance responsibilities for Columbia Pike.

Arlington requested the transfer of the Pike formally through a County Board resolution in July 2009. Being part of Arlington's local street system is an important and necessary condition for advancing the Pike's revitalization.

Arlington is one of two Virginia counties that operate their own local road systems. As outlined in the presentation of the proposal brought before the CTB, Arlington already maintains traffic signals on the Pike and also provides local bus service, maintenance of public transit infrastructure, street cleaning, street lights, and landscaping.

The agreement covers the transfer of 3.3 out of 3.6 miles of the Pike within the boundaries of Arlington County. The Columbia Pike intersections with Washington Blvd. (Route 27) and S. Glebe Rd. (Route 120) will be retained by VDOT, however permit authority will be given to Arlington County.

The deadline for formal agreement to be completed is October 1 (as decided by the CTB already in June 2010).

  • Presentation on the Columbia Pike Transfer before the CTB
  • CTB Resolution on the Transfer of Columbia Pike
  • Draft Memorandum of Agreement on the Transfer