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                                                              November 16, 2000

Mr. Jay Wind

611 South Ivy Street

Arlington, Virginia  22204

Dear Mr. Wind:

          On behalf of Barbara A. Favola, Chairman, and the other members of the Arlington County Board, I am writing in response to your seven questions about street construction projects in the Arlington Heights area.  I have provided the following responses to your questions in the same order that you presented them in your e-mail message to Ms. Favola: 

1.  For the County project to install left-turn lanes at the state intersection of Columbia Pike and South Glebe Road, Mr. David Robinson, Acting Coordinator for Development and Plan Review, has just taken on the role of manager for this project.  Ron Wactor retired earlier this year.  David's phone number is (703) 228-3693.  The schedule for this project has been on hold because of problems in obtaining the right-of-way from five properties.  It is doubtful that any civic association can expedite right-of-way acquisition.

2.  The removal of signs for the "no-left-turn detour routes" is related to completion of the left-turn-lane project above.

3.  The street and sidewalk reconstruction project on South Garfield Street and 9th Road South is on hold pending right-of-way acquisition for utility installation.  The project manager for this project is Bill Roberts at (703) 228-3824.


4.  For the state safety improvement project along Arlington Boulevard between Fillmore Street and Glebe Road, Mr. Jeff Sikes, now the Coordinator for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, remains the County point of contact.  Jeff's telephone number is     (703) 228-3696.  The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has been working on this project for a number of years.  Staff turnover and competition with other funded projects seem to be the primary reasons that the project has languished.  We have urged VDOT on several occasions in past years to take some project alternatives to a public meeting for comment.  We understand that VDOT anticipates holding a citizen meeting to review exhibits for this project this winter, but we have thought that to be the case in the past.   State legislators, Senator Whipple and Delegate Darner, would likely have greater influence than the County has had. 

5.  Staff is awaiting approval from VDOT of the traffic signal design plan for the intersection of South Glebe Road and 2nd Street South.   For safety reasons, VDOT wants the traffic signal poles located at least six feet from the curb.  This will require easements from property owners.  Staff expects the signal to be installed and operating in the spring.  The staff contact person for the project is Daniel Worke at (703) 228-3722.  

6.  The storm drain contractor has to complete their work before 6th Street South can be repaved.  Staff anticipates that restoration work will be completed next spring.  The contact person for this project is Russell Carroll at (703) 228-3635.

7.  The Columbia Pike streetscape project that includes the undergrounding of utilities is on hold until right-of-way and utility easements can be acquired.  Several property owners along Columbia Pike have not been supportive of the project and have not been willing to grant the necessary right-of-way to the County or to grant utility easements.

          As you requested, I am also sending this letter to you via e-mail.  Thank you for the opportunity to review these matters for you.


                                                          TRAFFIC ENGINEERING DIVISION

                                                          Joseph M. Durkee, Jr.

                                                          Traffic Engineer

c:  Barbara A. Favola, Chairman, County Board

     R. S. Kem, Director, Department of Public Works

     Terry Bellamy, Chief, Traffic Engineering Division

     Mark Kellogg, Chief, Public Works Planning Division

     Dennis Johnson, Chief, Engineering Division

     Tom O'Reilly, OSS

Arlington County Logo
November 15, 2000
TO:          Barbara A. Favola, Chairman, Arlington County Board
FROM:    William T. Donahue, County Manager

    Department of Public Works, Traffic Engineering Division staff contacted Mr. Wind and confirmed that the streetlight in question is working.

    The Department of Public Works anticipates that the County's paving restoration contractor will conduct restoration work of 6th Street South by next spring.  The storm drain contractor has to complete their work first and no paving work is done during winter.

    Thomas Jefferson Middle School has been included in the Safe Route to School Program, which explores alternative opportunities for students to safely travel to and from school.  Unfortunately, the Police Department has no personnel available to staff a crossing guard at the school.  However, if funds become available, a crossing guard will be considered at that school.

    (NOTE:  This memo responded to a letter Jay Wind sent on behalf of AHCA asking when a streetlight would be fixed, when 6th Street would be repaved, and when Thomas Jefferson Middle School might get a crossing guard.)

Arlington County Logo
November 15, 2000
TO:            Barbara A. Favola, Chairman, Arlington County Board
FROM:      William T. Donahue, County Manager

    Arlington County staff has been working with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) staff and interested citizens regarding the planned project to replace the Glebe Road Bridge over Arlington Boulevard (Route 50).  Staff has requested several design modifications to VDOT's plans that should make the bridge and adjacent intersections safer and more convenient for pedestrians and bicyclists.

    Staff has considered Mr. Wind's proposal for construction of an underpass of Arlington Boulevard at Glebe Road and does not feel that Arlington should endorse the proposal at this time.  Construction of an underpass is not related to the proposed bridge improvements and should not be incorporated into that project.  There are many questions concerning funding, tunnel design, right-of-way availability and community acceptance that would need to be worked through before the underpass proposal could be endorsed by the County.

    In early December, County staff will be meeting with Mr. Wind and the citizen Bicycle Advisory Committee to discuss the underpass proposal and to decide whether the project should be carried forward for further consideration.  Should the underpass proposal warrant further consideration, it may be incorporated into a future revision to the County's Bicycle Transportation Plan.

    (NOTE:  This memo responded to a letter Jay Wind sent as an individual, not on behalf of AHCA.  At the December meeting of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the committee endorsed the idea of a pedestrian-bicycle tunnel under Glebe Road.)