New Small Park at 3000 Arlington Boulevard (corner of Garfield)

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    Arlington Heights resident Karen Laake has proposed to ask Arlington County to define the wilderness area at 3000 Arlington Boulevard (corner of Garfield) as a County Park. Resident of Garfield Street have signed a petition to be presented to Arlington County's Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Resources.  AHCA's October meeting will include an agenda item to discuss the proposal.  Eventually, AHCA may file a Letter of Intent for apply for a Small Parks Grant of up to $10,000.  In 2001, Letters of Intent will likely be due by May 15, 2001, and Small Parks Grant proposals will likely be due by September 30, 2001.  These papers can be submitted earlier, and other means may also be available to improve the area.

    Karen wrote:

    The vacant lot located at the corner of Route 50 & South Garfield, RPC: 24008028 is owned by the Arlington County Board.  It was purchased in 1960 for $5,000.

    The neighbors on South Garfield decided to get together and petition the County to turn the property into a Public Park.  We have over 50 signatures and will be submitting a copy to Steve Timmermand, Division Chief of Parks & Natural Resources and to Paul Gruber, Friends of Arlington Parks on 9/5/2000.  Our goal is to obtain a $10,000 grant from the Parks Division to clean up and convert the vacant lot to parkland.

    If you are interested in signing the park petition, please send email to

    We received some great press about the Park Petition for Rt. 50 & S. Garfield in the Arlington Connection this week.  My undying gratitude goes to Mike Larose, the reporter who covered the story & took the photos.

    There is one issue that *must* be clarified.  Parks are NOT PARKING LOTS.  I completely reject the last statement made by our Civic Association president Jay Wind.  I never suggested or even hinted him that I "Had No Objection" to allow the overflow parking to continue on the vacant lot.  Jay's statement to Mike LaRose is misleading at best.

    Jay replied:

    I agree with Karen.  I violated my own personal standard procedure when I quoted Karen, and in this case, I misquoted her.  I have apologized to Karen for the misquote.  I also have since told Mike Larose that I was wrong when I misquoted her.