Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, January 17, 2005

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Alice West Fleet Elementary Library
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Public Montessori School of Arlington Library.
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Quarterly Membership Meeting (7:30 pm)
Patrick Henry Elementary School


  1. Call to order: President Adam Croswell called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

    Present: Richard Bullington-McGuire, Cathy Camp, Adam Croswell, Bob Dannemiller, Greg Godbout, David Jones, Terry Jones, Carole Lieber, Ron Peterson, Beth Schroeder, Maureen Sullivan, Kimberly Sumner, Jason Torchinsky, Jay Jacob Wind

    Guests: Allison Marie, Jen McCollum from American Cancer Society

  2. Use Permit: Mr. Godbout discussed his application to Arlington County for a live entertainment permit at Arlington Cinema ‘n’ Drafthouse, following up on his presentation at our last meeting. He envisions comedy nights with stand-up comedians, magicians, entertainers, high school bands, karaoke, and other live music, on average two live events per week.

    Mr. Bullington-McGuire moved, Ms. Lieber seconded that AHCA send a letter to Arlington County Board in support of the application by Arlington Cinema ‘n’ Drafthouse for a live entertainment permit. Passed unanimously.

  3. Relay for Life: Ms. McCollum and Ms. Marie discussed their application to Arlington County for an all-night Relay for Life (walk-a- thon) outdoors on the outdoor trail around the upper grass field at Thomas Jefferson Community Center on a Saturday night, June 17 or 24. Team members would camp out, and the outdoor lights would be on all night. Set- up would begin at 1 pm, with the relay beginning Saturday at 5 pm, with an illuminaria ceremony at 9 pm, the relay ending Sunday at 6 am, and clean-up completed by 9 am. Live entertainment would shut down at midnight. They would also reserve the indoor track.

    Ms. Camp moved, Mr. Dannemiller seconded, to accept and support American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at TJ this summer. Mr. Bullington- McGuire moved, Ms. Sumner seconded to, to add “provided that live entertainment end at 11 pm.” Amendment passed with one nay. Motion as amended passed unanimously.

  4. Minutes. Ms. Sumner moved, Mr. Dannemiller seconded, to approve the minutes as written. Approved unanimously. Ms. Camp noted that the historic district issue is complex, and she will send a message to discussing the issue.
  5. Treasurer: Mr. Dannemiller reported that AHCA has about $3,000 in the bank, 54 families, 1 business member.
  6. Civic Federation: Ms. Camp presented Arlington County Civic Federation’s list of smoke-free restaurants, a proposed resolution supporting a Master Planning Process for Four Mile Run restoration, and a citizens’ survey about church / synagogue / lodge parking.
  7. Columbia Pike. Mr. Torchinsky reported that the Columbia Pike Initiative includes creating a string of “super-stops” for buses. At least one super-stop would be on our stretch of the Pike.
  8. President’s Report: Mr. Croswell reported about the County’s newly- adopted lot coverage ordinance. He reported that Virginia Department of Transportation seeks volunteers interested in planning for the replacement of the Washington Boulevard (Route 27) bridge over Columbia Pike (Route 244). He reported that Washington-Lee High School crew team is selling mulch as a fund-raiser. He reported that he received a letter from the County about Arlington Heights' request to add lights at TJ, in which the county responded that it would need to be considered in a future capital improvement plan. He reported that he received a county response to Arlington Heights' request that the county study the health impact of the bluestone field at TJ. The county has documentation showing the dust generated by the field doesn't have any harmful health effects, and the county does attempt to reduce the dust during dry periods by watering the field. He will ask Arlington County about options to get the county to water down the field when residents notice dry and windy conditions.

    Ms. Sumner reported that the fence is mostly down around the house at 5th and Jackson Streets, and that she called the County to repair one of the new Carlyle lamps at 6th and Highland blown down in the weekend’s storms.

    Ms. Lieber asked about progress on the Fenwick Center. Mr. Croswell reported that County offices moved there in December. Mr. Croswell will ask about the promised public meeting space and public art.

    Mr. Bullington-McGuire asked for 14 days’ notice before meetings. Mr. Croswell promised to provide more notice of future meetings.

  9. Elections: Mr. Wind presented the report of the nominating committee:

    President: Adam Croswell
    1st Vice President: Martin Chadzynski
    2nd Vice President: Kimberly Sumner
    Secretary: Carole Lieber
    Treasurer: Bob Dannemiller

    Elected almost unanimously (Mr. Dannemiller voted nay, with a smile.)

  10. Membership: Ms. Sumner will solicit memberships among neighbors and businesses.
  11. Adjourned: Next meeting Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 7:30 pm at Patrick Henry School.

Respectfully submitted,
Jay Jacob Wind