AHCA 2017 Annual Meeting

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Alice West Fleet Elementary Library
and the
Public Montessori School of Arlington Library.
Meetings start at 7:00 PM.

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November 15, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

Thanks to all who attended AHCA's Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening, we had a great turnout of more than 20 people. For those who couldn't make it, here's a summary:

Capt. Adrienne Quigley and Sgt. Damon Washington of the Arlington County Police Department noted some recent crimes to be aware of in our area, including the sexual assault in Shirlington and a number of car break-ins, including at the TJ Community Center parking lot. They reminded us not to leave valuables visible in our parked cars, and to stay alert to our surroundings instead of our phones, especially at night. Heading into the holidays, they reminded us to prevent package thefts by alerting a neighbor to any packages we're expecting when not home, so deliveries can be safely tucked out of sight. A neighbor helpfully noted that FedEx and UPS packages can now be delivered to U.S. Post Office boxes.

The School and County Boards are forming a Career Center Working Group (CCWG) for community input into school plans for that site. Civic associations near the site are currently allotted one voting seat on the working group. Because the Career Center site is within Arlington Heights, AHCA requested an additional seat on the CCWG, plus a seat for an "immediate neighbor" who lives especially proximate to the site. Last week, I nominated Kristi Sawert as AHCA's first appointee to the CCWG. If AHCA receives its requested additional appointees, the new AHCA president will make those appointments.

I am pleased to announce that Kristi Sawert was elected AHCA's new President. She has lived in Arlington Heights for 16 years, "first as a single woman with a dog, and now as a married woman with three kids." She and others including Megan Haydasz have already been working hard to ensure our community's voice is heard with regard to Career Center site planning. Kristi serves on the County's Aquatics Committee, which promotes equity in access to swim facilities around the County, and specifically advocates for a swimming pool at each neighborhood high school, including a fourth comprehensive high school many hope will ultimately be built at the Career Center campus.

I am also pleased to announce the election of Jay Vennett as AHCA's new 2nd Vice President. Kristi and Jay assumed office immediately upon election. Our By-laws provide for a transition period of a couple months between now and AHCA's first quarterly meeting of 2018.

Evan Farley was re-elected as AHCA's 1st Vice President, and Scott Winn was re-elected Treasurer. Thanks Jay for stepping up, and Evan and Scott for providing continuity on AHCA's Executive Committee. Our neighborhood is in good hands with these four at the helm. The office of Secretary is open, and anyone interested in the position can contact the new Executive Committee.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve Arlington Heights for the past couple years as civic association President. There's a lot happening in our neighborhood, whether in planning (Career Center), construction (new elementary) or perpetuity (County Fair, etc.), and our neighbors reliably bring energy, expertise and attention to issues that arise. Thanks for having allowed me to serve such an impressive community.

Thank You,
Molly Culkins
Arlington Heights Civic Association