Letter to Karen Darner re: Rt. 50 Right-of-Way

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James M. Gill
121 South Hudson Street
Arlington, VA 22204-1804

February 28, 1999

Ms. L. Karen Darner
969 South Buchanan Street
Arlington, VA 22204

Dear Ms. Darner,

I am writing to ask your help in getting VDOT to clean up and better maintain its right of way on the south side of Arlington Blvd. between South Irving Street and South Fillmore Street.

Recent gas main utility work has left the right of way an unattractive mess, and garbage that has been thrown on the poorly maintained right of way has not been picked up. In some ways, VDOT's neglect is turning the right of way into a hazardous nuisance.

I am writing because my wife notes that you have been very helpful in the past in getting the grass cut along Arlington Blvd.

If you need any further information, I can be reached at 703-920-2079 in the evenings or at 703-412-5242 during the day. My e-mail address is jgill@erols.com.

Thank you,
James M. Gill