Thunderstorm Heavily Damages Neighborhood

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Storm Damage Assessment
Monday, June 14, 9:30 p.m.
Story and photos by Jay Wind

Arlington Heights neighborhood sustained heavy damage from the thunderstorm that tore through South Arlington at 5:05 pm, Monday, June 14.

How to cope with storm damage (recommendations from Mike Travis, Nationwide Insurance):

To arrange for a County Tree Truck to pick up trees and branches:

Damage Assessment:

The storm did major damage on both sides of Route 50. My unprofessional estimate was at least $1 million in damage. In Arlington Heights neighborhood, here's a damage assessment:

Besides the demolished cars, the worst property damage I saw anywhere was at 218 North Glebe Road, where a tree fell on the roof of an apartment building, shattering windows on both the first and second stories.

Photos of the Damage:

As far as I know, no one was injured. The storm demolished three cars at 305 South Jackson Street, 215 South Irving Street, and 3120 Arlington Boulevard, crashing through the windshield of a new Lincoln Continental. The storm also caused property damage to many homes. Phones and power lines were down on South Irving, Ivy, and Jackson Streets and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Street South. Police briefly closed 2nd Street South to traffic as crews and neighbors cleared a large fallen tree.

The land around Thomas Jefferson Community Center suffered severe storm damage. Along South Irving Street, a mature tree and six smaller trees were uprooted. The storm blew the goal posts more than 100 yards from Jefferson's soccer field and felled a tree at the entrance to the field (Sarah and Christian Falby in photo). The rain was so heavy that parts of the field were virtually turned into quicksand. In all, the storm uprooted eight trees at Jefferson.

Among private homes,

A Few Post-Storm Improvements at Thomas Jefferson Community Center

For the park around the Thomas Jefferson Community Center, Arlington County Parks Division Chief Steve Temmermand recently suggested several proposals: