Multi Cultural Prio Bangla Street Fair

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Multi Cultural Prio Bangla Street Fair

Saturday, Sept 13, 2014, at S. 9th Street - between S. Walter Reed and S. Highland Streets

Arlington, VA 22204

from 12:00 pm-7:30 pm

Our motto for this year is, "Let's Celebrate the Cultural Diversity"

The Prio Bangla (a Non- Profit Organization), with support from Arlington County, is hosting the 3rd annual Street Fair for the large Bengali and various ethnic communities here in Arlington, Virginia. Virginia have lots of socio-cultural organizations who entertain and promote a handful of cultural programs all year long, however, Prio Bangla is taking special effort by arranged the street festival here in the Arlington County in an unique way. This attracted huge crowds from all walks of life. American citizens with various diversities ethnic cultural members from all over the worlds, especially with our growing immigrant population like name of few, Bangladesh, Argentina, Bolivia, India, Nepal, China, Ethiopia, Peruvian, Afghanistan, Turkish, Africa and many more are very excited and expecting to see this type of event in Washington DC, Metro Area.

During this event, our goal is not only to promote Bengali culture and heritage, as one of our organization commitment to this community, but also to participate in a cultural exchange by giving opportunity to other non-Bengali communities living and growing here with our rich cultural beauty and performances. There will be various types of stalls/vendors of traditional foods, handcrafts, arts, jewelry, realtors, paintings, Hina Mehendi art, training companies, bankers, boutiques, clothing and product show.

By simply the trading and transferring of ideas, customs, beliefs, cultural habits etc. between diverse cultures living here in the USA, we would be able to accomplish our vision of living in harmony in this community. As part of Arlington County Art group, we Prio Bangla were to set a good example and continue to achieve an excellent public appeal and relations for the Bengali community, a very important milestone for our community, and encourage us to host such events annually with Arlington County's help and sponsorship. We hope to see you there.

**This is a family friendly event and no alcohol is served. **