Over the Fence - Summer 2006

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Summer 2006


President’s Message

The summer Arlington Heights meeting is coming up on July 18 7:30pm at ECDC (Ethiopian Community Development Council).  Our normal meeting location at Patrick Henry was unavailable.  Thanks to the efforts of Jay Wind to find a new location, we're going to be meeting at ECDC. It's located in Arlington Heights, just behind the Career Center, at 901 South Highland. The meeting room is on the right after entering through the glass doors at 901 South Highland.  If you need more information on how to get to the meeting please contact me.

The main speakers at our meeting will be representatives from the Arlington County Fair.  Denise Marshall Roller will be there from Arlington County Staff.  We will also have representatives from the fair board and the police department.  They will be there to discuss plans for this year's fair, to be held at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Thursday, August 17th through Sunday, August 20th.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter and over the email list, there was a proposal to open the midway part of the fair on Wednesday, August 16—one day earlier than normal.  Due to our neighborhood's concerns the fair board has decided not to pursue this option for this year's fair; however they are planning on reconsidering the idea for next year's fair.  We are planning on having fair representatives back at the Fall/October meeting to discuss the proposal for next year's fair and our concerns regarding the proposal.  Depending on the outcome of that meeting, they may also come to another future meeting to address any concerns brought up at the Fall/October meeting.  However, the presentation at our upcoming meeting will focus solely on this year's fair.

Speaking of the fair, we will again be sharing a booth at the fair with the Civic Federation.  We need volunteers to help staff the booth during the fair.  It should be a pretty low effort commitment, involving simply greeting people and handing out our newsletters.  If you're already planning on stopping by the fair, this would be an easy way to help out your neighbors.  I will be passing around a sign up sheet at the next meeting to find volunteers.  We're looking for two people per time slot (2-3 hours), ideally one from the Civic Federation and one from AHCA per time slot.  Please contact me if you're able to help out.

At the upcoming meeting we will also have a presentation given by our Vice President, Martin Chadzynski, about the proposed Penrose Square project.  This is the first large project proposed under the Columbia Pike Form Based Code.  The site of the proposal is Adam's Square, the current location of the Giant grocery store.  The developer is asking the county to make a number of changes to the form based code to allow the project as they have currently designed it to move forward.  While the developer feels that the design is within the spirit of the code, there has been some controversy over some of the changes.  Martin has been to a number of community meeting to hear other's concerns and to express Arlington Heights' concerns.  Although the county board is scheduled to make a decision on the changes before our next meeting, Martin will be able to discuss the outcome and show drawings of the proposals at the meeting.  If you're interested in what the future Columbia Pike might look like then come out to see these designs.

I hope to see you at our upcoming meeting.

Adam Croswell

AHCA Meeting Agenda

July 18th, 7:30pm

DIFFERENT LOCATION – ECDC, 901 S. Highland Introductions (3 minutes) Guest Speakers Denise Marshall Roller, Arlington County Fair (40 minutes) Review of Minutes (3 minutes) Officers' Reports Vice President - Penrose Square Project Report (15 minutes) Treasurer's Report (5 minutes) Committee Reports (15 minutes) Neighborhood Conservation Report Civic Federation Report Columbia Pike Implementation Team Report Washington Blvd/Columbia Pike Bridge Report Old Business New Business Adjournment

2006 Officers

May Crime Report

Thursday, 8 June 2006


There are three areas of concern within the Third District. In May and currently in June, we are experiencing a series of stolen cars in the North Fairlington area. Over the last six weeks, 12 vehicles have been stolen. The vast majority are Jeep Grand Cherokee's and a few other Chrysler products. The cars are being stolen during the midnight hours and are being recovered in SE Washington. My best advice is to use the "Club" and park your car in a well lighted area. Additionally, if you see something out the ordinary please call 703-558-2222 or 911 if it is an emergency.

The second area of concern is 3000 S. Randolph St. This is an apartment complex were a peeping tom has been harrassing women for a long period of time. In the last week, he has accessed apartments through unlocked windows or doors and come into the apartment as the women were either in the shower or getting into the shower. When he is confronted, he leaves the apartment. I have attached a computerized composite of the suspect and we would appreciate any help you can give. I guess I have to keep saying it, keep your doors and windows locked!

The third area of concern is the area around Columbia Pike and S. Dinwiddie St. We have had several issues with the homeless drinking in public which leads to other quality of life problems. We are keeping an eye on the problem, but as I have said in the past this is a seasonal issue and will be persistant during the summer months.

Captain Paul Larson
Third District Commander
Arlington County Police Department
1425 North Courthouse Road
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Can You Help Solve the Missing Links?

Arlington Heights has an opportunity to obtain sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in our neighborhood where they are missing in front of 3 or fewer homes under this county funded program.  A volunteer is needed to identify eligible locations in the neighborhood.  If you are interested, please contact Juliet Hiznay, our NCAC Representative, for further details, at strangefruitblues@yahoo.com or 703-685-2596.


Arlington Real Estate Taxes are due June 15 and October 15. Automatic bill notification can be set up by going to:



Would your child like to be added to our RENT-A-KID resource?

Rent-a-kid is a free listing of kids in the neighborhood who are available for hire to babysit, housesit, pet care, lawn care, etc. Email Betty Siegel at siegelbr@hotmail.com for inclusion in our next newsletter.



Shiatsu massage based on acupuncture points. Tension relief offered for head, neck, and shoulders. 20 minutes for $20.00. Will visit or be visited. Call Reggie Nixon (703) 685-7496

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Only Rain Down the Storm Drain! Help Prevent Water Pollution

Did you know that the water that goes down the storm drain on your street flows right into our local streams?   Polluted rain water is the nation’s number one water quality problem, and Arlington County is hoping that you can help do something about it!

 Arlington is joining other Northern Virginia localities in a water pollution prevention campaign to educate residents about how common household waste and chemicals can contaminate local streams.  

Nonpoint source pollution, often called stormwater runoff pollution, comes from many sources, including parking lots, lawns, driveways, golf course, and roads.  Rainwater that runs off these surfaces picks up contaminants like motor oil, fertilizer, pesticides, and bacteria from pet waste.  This stormwater runoff flows into storm drains and then into local streams and the Potomac River, the sources of drinking water for many residents in the Washington, D.C. area.  This runoff also contributes to the pollution affecting the Chesapeake Bay.

So what can you do to prevent water pollution?   Follow these simple tips:

The campaign partners include Arlington County, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Loudoun County, Fairfax City, the City of Falls Church, the town of Herndon, the town of Vienna, and the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority (LCSA). For more information about preventing stormwater pollution, please call Aileen Winquist at 703-228-3610 or awinquist@arlingtonva.us

County Fair to be Held August 17-August 20th

The Arlington County Fair will be held at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center beginning Thursday, August 17th at 6:15pm and run through 10pm on Sunday, August 20th. Volunteers are needed from AHCA to staff our shared table at the Fair. Email President Adam Croswell at acroswel@rocketmail.com if you can help out! For more information on the fair visit the fair web site.




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