Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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Alice West Fleet Elementary Library
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Public Montessori School of Arlington Library.
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Attendees: Richard Bullington-McGuire, John Morrill, Jay Calfee, Grady Foster, David Mitchell, Jason Torchinsky, Martin Chadzynski, Juliet Hiznay, Ella Nargele, Jim Gill, Jay Wind, Cathy Camp, Ron Peterson, Adam Croswell


Meeting called to order by Adam Croswell.

Guest Speakers

Denise Marshall Roller, Arlington County, 703.228.1853, Event coordinator and Chief Shawn Kelley, Fair Chairman, ____ email, spoke about extending the fair, by opening the fair on Wednesday and running to Sunday. The only part of the fair to be opened on Wednesday would be the exterior rides, booths, and food, NO live entertainment. Why open on Wednesday? The fair must generate its own funding, currently the fair is covering expenses but expenses are going up and being added. The fair does not charge a gate fee; they make their money by selling booth space (interior and exterior) and a percentage of the food and ride tickets.

Concerns were raised by AHCA neighbors and members – Noise, Trash, and traffic.

A neighbor remarked on the bad service when complaining about the noise. The complaint(s) were handled poorly by the county – one shrugged off as nothing can be done and one as being with in the noise ordinance level. Ms. Marshall indicated the county would improve and document the process for bringing any problem to the fair teams attention, including noise.

The Fair team again wants to change the shuttle bus (1) route to East on Arlington Blvd, right/south on Hudson Street, right/west on 2nd street. The neighbors on Hudson raised concerns about the extra traffic automotive and pedestrian; as well as the noise from the vehicles. A suggestion was put forth about making Irving Street one way, south bound and have the shuttle use Irving St. instead of Hudson St. Irving is wider, but roughly paved, there are fewer neighbors - of course the neighbors on Irving would need to be canvassed as to their thoughts.

Juliet gave the following report on NC WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH OUR PROJECTS? At this time, the County's Department of Environmental Services is working on Board approved projects only, due to a huge backlog of sidewalk, curb, gutter, streetlight projects that have not been completed, but have been funded, going back multiple bond cycles. What this means for our neighborhood, is that none of our projects will be funded for at least 2 years. Our first opportunity will be in 2008, and there are no guarantees even then. In the meantime, I encourage the neighborhood to seek out improvements through other programs to include: Small Parks Grants, Safe Routes to Schools, Traffic Calming, Missing Links, etc. Members of the AHCA NC Committee are here to help with such efforts. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions.

FINALIZING THE DRAFT UPDATED PLAN At the same time, the AHCA NC Committee is working on finalizing the updated plan, which will replace the plan that was adopted by the County Board in 1980. This effort was originally spearheaded by Jim Gill, starting in 1999, but was put on hold after he resigned from NCAC. We are now focusing on this effort once again, and making good progress thanks to a group of motivated volunteers (big thank you’s to Richard Bullington-McGuire, Tony Halloin, Lynn Michaels, Sean McNamara, and Ken Poole). Our goal is to present the revised draft at the AHCA winter meeting in January, with a comment period announced well in advance of the meeting. Updating the plan is important for a number of reasons, some rather arcane, but in particular, the County has increasingly been relying on neighborhood plans when assessing development in a particular area. We don't want to be caught unawares with an outdated plan as redevelopment on Columbia Pike (and conceivably, Glebe Rd.) come about. Today, I received excellent news from Chris Nixon, NCAC Coordinator, that we will not be required to survey the neighborhood again regarding a host of issues, including the condition of roads. The tabulation of the last survey (dating from late 1999) is posted on the AHCA website if you are interested. I look forward to working with the community on the revised NC plan, as well as other initiatives to beautify and improve Arlington Heights.

Cathy Camp reported on Civic federation.

The county is looking to AHCA members to volunteer to be part of the committee – a great opportunity to look out for our neighborhoods best interests.

Richard Bullington-McGuire and Jay Wind were nominated to serve jointly as the nominating committee -- please let them know if you are interested.


Trolley on Columbia Pike a study is being commissioned.

New Business

2007 dues should be held to the same level as 2006.

I motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously for AHCA to support park bonds.

The meeting was adjourned.